• Today's World Animal Day

    Today's World Animal Day

    Today's celebration is meant to spread around the world the awerness that every living creature in our planet deserves our respect and has the same right to live happy and safe as we do.  
  • August 2018 in Centaurus

    August 2018 in Centaurus

    Check out our latest gallery  
  • HELP for Julia

    HELP for Julia

    Become a horsey philanthropist! Broodmare Julia has been sentenced to slaughter along with her seven-month-old colt John. You can help save John, Julia and other horses like them by donating today and helping the Centaurus Foundation buy back Julia and little John from slaughter. Even the smallest donation is welcome. Your gesture could save their lives.
  • Julia and John are rescued!

    Julia and John are rescued!

    Thank you very much for your support and helping us to save Julia and John. They're already in our farm, and slowly adapting to new life. We appreciate all your help. Thank you!
  • Please Help Grey!

    Please Help Grey!

    True love is when we love someone but do not need them. Grey cannot be particularly useful to anyone. At dawn you can watch him walk around slowly and clumsily with other retired horses. After a while, his silhouette drowns in the morning fog and then disappears behind the frosted tree branches.
  • Grey would like to thank you.

    Grey would like to thank you.

    Your support helped us to buy him medications for joints, and special food for elder horses. Grey is looking for Virtual Guardians - feel free to contact us!
  • Azzarro asks for help

    Azzarro asks for help

    Azzarro - a story of a horse, please help - this is his voice:  It will be short and clear – in a men's style. I am 21 years old. Before I reached Centaurus Foundation I helped to work with addicts in Monar organisation.A few years ago when I got sick from RAO and my barn friend Fryderyk was treating his broken leg, both of us came to the Foundation for retirement.
  • Czarna can run

    Czarna can run

    It was supposed to be well and it went... yes, it went well. I had my barn in which I was born, and when I grew up I worked everyday with my owner, sometims in the field, sometimes delivering various items to my neighbours on a pulled wagon. This way spring by spring and winter by winter passed. I was beautiful, strong and so black. Half of the horses in our area looked at me with jelousity and other farmers just smacked with admiration when they looked at me.
  • Tosia


    My name is Tosia. I am 20 years old. I fundraise for my beautiful look, „coke” for a muscle mass and better joints mobility. A few years ago when I was no longer needed and senility took me into its arms, I was taken care of by Centaurus Foundation.
  • Obligacja asks for help

    Obligacja asks for help

    My name is Obligacja. The foundation took care of me in 2011. Before I acquainted myself with other animals there I had spent a few weeks in the veterinary clinic near Gniezno (Poland) where my legs and skin changes were healed. After recovery I was taken to the Animal Farm of the Centaurus Foundation, and a few months later Alexandra found and adopted me.
  • Milka which disappeared...

    Milka which disappeared...

    Milka reached us just before Christmas Eve. Typical, atypical rabbit dachshund. Nothing much more than a kilogram of misfortune. She is completely blind and deaf. Going bald and skinny. Dumped, unwanted and completely forgotten by the world. But she IS.
  • Frociu


     It was a weekend. One of many when the telephone rings and million things happen at the same time (as if they were waiting for a whole week just to start happening right now). I mute my voice, because my son would never fall asleep, and I would never start writing anything, not even dreaming about finishing it.
  • Letter to Santa Claus

    Letter to Santa Claus

    Dear Santa Claus! I know that I am no longer the youngest and that you have probably more important things on your mind, but I'd like to ask you for more strength to work and see to it that less pain to hurt my leg. My owners recently bought a younger horse and I feel that I have to give of myself even more, although already im lacking the strength to do so.
  • Credit Suisse

    Credit Suisse

    In October 2015 we were visited by volunteers from the Bank of Credit Suisse to learn our business from the kitchen and by themselves actively support the animals on our farm. As the target of a 20 person group set itself newly painted fences raised by us and impregnate the wood, which the company was founded by Credit Suisse. We are very grateful for the support.
  • BLACKY needs YOU!

    BLACKY needs YOU!

    Did you know that lots of worn out equines are sent to slaughter in various European countries? You have the power to help save their lives. Give the gift of life to Blacky. It's so easy! You can help by purchasing a beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet or computer on www.angels2animals.com  
  • Blacky is safe!

    Blacky is safe!

    He arrived to our farm and already has new friend at one of the paddocks. He seems pleased with this new life. Soon our vet will check him out, and probably we will start searching a good, loving home for this beautiful horse. Thank you for you input in this rescue.  


    Many of the horses we managed to rescue, found wonderful adoption homes in Poland, Germany, Danemark and Czech Republic. In the name of the happy horses and proud carers we would like to say a very deep hearted Thank You. We would like to take all those beautiful friendships and have them as inspiration for coming days - please, have a closer look at many dimensions of of human
  • Eko Klub

    Eko Klub

    In September 2015 we held yet another meeting of the Eko Klub members. Thank you for showing up in such large numbers and for all the presents you brought for our horses. We are proud that there’s more and more of us each year and we hope that we will always be seeing such a respectable bunch of visitors enjoying themselves during the beautiful autumn season.
  • Gallery in 2015

    Gallery in 2015

    We realize many of you were not able to visit us for the past few months. Therefore are happy to invite you to see the gallery from August 2015. The Sun was wonderfully hot till the very end of the Summer, so our horses were enjoying the warm weather day and night. Some extra tones of sand and grail, that we purchased earlier turned out to great use for the horses to play rolling around in it.
  • Halna


    Once again you showed, that together we can do anything! Halna is another rescued horse, that after long years of working for human benefit was saved thanks to your support. We managed to get all the sum for buyout and transport of Halna. A faw days ago the mare joined us at our place and after being diagnosed, wormed and visited by the blacksmith, she joined all the rest of the herd that is now
  • Beza


    Beza came to us after masny years of work in hippotherapy. She is a very brave elderly lady, who shares her time between solid meals,enjoying the hay on the runway and giving lessons of good behaviour to younger mares. Despite her disability and elder age (she is 27!) she very eagerly gous out for walks outside our gates, lustfully gives herself in the hands of people who look after her health and beauty
  • Jenna from Canada came to visit us!

    Jenna from Canada came to visit us!

    Just recently, in October, Jenna and her friend paid us a visit. Jenna saved the lives of several ponies by supporting our initiatives, and she came to visit us and see our farm during her trip to Poland in order to personally meet the animals that she rescued.
  • Farewell Gala and Tomorrow Lady

    Farewell Gala and Tomorrow Lady

    On behalf of Gala and Tomorrow Lady, we would like to thank you for your great support. Unfortunately we can’t always make it on time, but sometimes making sure that an animal spends its last days in decent conditions is equally important.
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