Under the supervision of the Foundation Centaurus is a lot of healthy horses, which we want to find a new, loving home. To date, more than 300 contracts signed adoption! New families of our Horses reside in the Polish, Czech and German territories.
Sheltered horses can be used by their Adopters. We also agree to participate in competitions core classes. But Why not the higher level sport? Unfortunately, it is impossible to reconcile with saving feat. Horses get a letter from injury, in middle age, often before there had been little. Such animals may not be – even after treatment or lack of nutrition – sentenced to overload, which are associated with heavy workouts.
Keep the following in mind!
* The horses adopted from us, do not get paid or made available to them to use any third party without the agreement of the FC. We do not want our patients have to work for a living – not that the assumptions of the Foundation. These horses are often already over worked in their lifes, now they require special treatment (either because of the nature of, or a history of injuries).
* It is forbidden to breeding horses. Increase in non-pedigree livestock population is one of the main reasons for the increase number of horses slaughtered in abattoirs! It’s been a fashion for „possession of horse in the garden” –

Unfortunately the same over the demand for horses. Low prices tempt for traffickers of death.

Do not give an adopted horse on – as a gift or item sales / purchase contract. For the rest of his life saved by our horses are owned by the Foundation Centaurus.
As the process of adoption in practice?
Always and invariably the most important thing for us – and we hope that the new Adopter also – welfare of the horse,
which is why it is very important to make sure that your pet receives the right care. Therefore, at the beginning we will ask for photos of the stables and paddocks for the horse. For the same reason, we also wanted to visit family adoptive sometimes. Once all the formalities are met, is to organize transport, and then only to provide care for a horse vet, farrier, and above all – love the store! Every 30 days we will ask you to send current photos pony. The last important piece of information is that the adoptive family is signed the agreement, while the horse is owned by the Foundation for life.
It may be a plus for adoptive parents! If you change the material situation, always help. If the horse suddenly becomes ill and will require costly treatment, never leave the family adapts itself. Sometimes we meet with the question and not the horse you will take us next year? Not take! The basis of all our activities is the belief that rescued by FC animals can live again among the people – in real families.
Moreover, in exceptional cases, the additional consultation, it is possible to adopt a horse putting crippled or sick. Sometimes it happens that someone finds our horse, which he learned many years ago and would love to go to ex-friend to donate the house to retire. However, the animals are in any case can not be used!
To show the results of our efforts, we have created a special gallery in which we put photos sent by adopters – we strongly encourage you to watch: GALLERY.