Give a Home!

From the hundreds of horses saved by Centaurus we chose those that can once again find a new home and live there happily as devoted friends until the end of their days.

We are looking for carers for whom our horses will become a part of their lives. If you have the right conditions and at least a basic knowledge of horses, you could become a real guardian by giving the horse a home, while getting boundless friendship in return.

Horses that are up for adoption have undergone rehabilitation and are physically healthy, but you have to remember that they often experienced suffering and may require many years of psychological recovery, as well as much more patience and affection than horses that were kept under normal conditions.

It is prohibited to use the horses in recreation (paid or otherwise), use them for reproduction or transfer them to third parties, so before deciding to adopt, please make sure you think about why you want to do it.
Please fill out the adoption form: