HELP for Julia

Become a horsey philanthropist! Broodmare Julia has been sentenced to slaughter along with her seven-month-old colt John. You can help save John, Julia and other horses like them by donating today and helping the Centaurus Foundation buy back Julia and little John from slaughter. Even the smallest donation is welcome. Your gesture could save their lives.


For many years Julia would draw carriages and give birth to foals. John is her last one. The owner decided that Julia should be sold for slaughter just because he’d already purchased a younger mare, which replaced Julia in her role of a stud mother. There is unfortunately no remorse or regrets in such situations. Money is all that matters.

However, as the newly acquired mare was an expensive purchase, the owner decided to sell Julia to the slaughterhouse together with John.

Julia is a powerful horse and weighs about 850 kilograms. Therefore the price for both horses is high – 1,700 GBP. That's the price of their lives and the amount that we need to collect in order to save both horses.
The owner agreed to suspend the sale of Julia and John until 31 December 2015, so we have time to collect the full amount and buy both horses.
We’ve already succeeded 700 times thanks to your generosity – 700 horses rescued over a decade. We believe we can also win this time!
If you want to support our campaign to save Julia and John and join the philanthropists for horses, you can donate any amount with a note "Julia and John".
One million is made up of small coins, so thank you for any support you can give!