Beza came to us after masny years of work in hippotherapy. She is a very brave elderly lady, who shares her time between solid meals,enjoying the hay on the runway and giving lessons of good behaviour to younger mares. Despite her disability and elder age (she is 27!) she very eagerly gous out for walks outside our gates, lustfully gives herself in the hands of people who look after her health and beauty

 and simply enjoyes being a part of it all. Every now and than she even races with some other elder members of the herd to get first to the manger.

In the name of Beza, we would like to thank you all for giving her a decent and safe pension, that she has worked for many years. Thanks to your support Beza has regular visits of the vet, supplements supporting her joints and speciality food for older Ladies, that helps her organism get the best out of her nutrition.

Your every donation for Beza is priceless!