Did you know that lots of worn out equines are sent to slaughter in various European countries? You have the power to help save their lives. Give the gift of life to Blacky. It's so easy! You can help by purchasing a beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet or computer on  

Be a horsey hero and help us save Blacky. Give him the gift of life.

Blacky used to have a wonderful home and a loving carer. He had anything he needed and the two were great friends. Blacky had a tough character though. He wasn't the most obedient of horses. The carer managed him very well, but unfortunately she was the only one.

When one day the carer was offered job abroad, she decided to quickly get rid of Blacky and leave the country as soon as possible. Suddenly her beloved horse became a burden.

This is how Blacky found himself in the hands of a horse salesman. The pretty and nice ones usually find new homes very quickly. The ones like Blacky get slaughtered, because the market is full of young, healthy and well-mannered horses. The slaughterhouses are completely indiscriminate, so they buy anything: the well-mannered and the bad-mannered, sports horses, best friends, those from carriages, farms and exhibitions. All they care about are numbers, because names don't matter anymore.

Blacky's current owner wants £600 for him. He agreed to wait until the 31th of December, so we can raise the whole sum to buy Blacky out.
If you want to, you can help us save Blacky by making a donation with a note "for Blacky". We hope to see him join the herd of 700 other saved horses in the biggest horse asylum in Europe and possibly find a new adoption home.

On behalf of Blacky, we would like to thank you for each and every donation!