Please Help Grey!

True love is when we love someone but do not need them. Grey cannot be particularly useful to anyone. At dawn you can watch him walk around slowly and clumsily with other retired horses. After a while, his silhouette drowns in the morning fog and then disappears behind the frosted tree branches.

You can caress his soft nostrils and talk to him, Grey will understand and accept everything you say to him. You can snuggle to his thick winter coat and feel the beat of his big heart… a heart devoted completely to humans, for whom he has worked all these years.

You can look into his big black eyes and see his endless gratitude. It will not diminish, even if you forget to pay him a daily visit with a snack of carrots. It will not disappear, even when his halter is already old and broken.
But remember, he will not be useful to you at all.
You will never ride him, you will never see him gallop, he will never be able to give anyone splendor and fortune.
Still, maybe you will be the one to help Grey?