Azzarro asks for help

Azzarro - a story of a horse, please help - this is his voice:  It will be short and clear – in a men's style. I am 21 years old. Before I reached Centaurus Foundation I helped to work with addicts in Monar organisation.A few years ago when I got sick from RAO and my barn friend Fryderyk was treating his broken leg, both of us came to the Foundation for retirement.

Today, a couple of years later, I still have a cheerful life, but my peace and joy of life became interrupted by a terminal disease. Sometimes it is interrupting so much that I have problems to marshall my herd. You know, I am highly regarded in the hierarchy here, and I cannot afford being so infirm. Somebody has to rule my herd – who if not me?

So, due to my seniority - undeniably a managerial posiotion, hereby I inform that in order to continue this responsible task each and every day I need medicines. And there is no place for pain.

Monthly cost of my maintenance including appropriate food is as much as 250 $. On the other hand, when you count it as a manager's salary – it is not too much ;) Leadership skills and experience are precious.

To be serious, the medications save my life everyday. Even for a while.


Please help.

Sincerely yours,