Czarna can run

It was supposed to be well and it went... yes, it went well. I had my barn in which I was born, and when I grew up I worked everyday with my owner, sometims in the field, sometimes delivering various items to my neighbours on a pulled wagon. This way spring by spring and winter by winter passed. I was beautiful, strong and so black. Half of the horses in our area looked at me with jelousity and other farmers just smacked with admiration when they looked at me.

But today I know that time passes by fast and youthfulness is also gone one day. When my temples turned grey as snow, the temperature of my owner's feelings melted somehow. I was limping more often, pulled the wagon slowler and the wagon itself could be loaded with less and less weight for me. Day after day I spent my time on the field doing nothing – I am not grumbling, but some strangers were disturbing me coming and staring at me carefully. They watched my teeth, slapped my muscles and went away with resignation. It wasn't a good sign – clearly nobody liked me anymore, I didn't fit for any work too. Once a different gentelman came, looked at me in a different way – with care – and soon after that an elegant trailer came for me – and I rode. There was no barn, wagon, nor my owner anymore...



Does it sound sad? Unnecessarly, for while you travel the tracks are not so important, the most important is the destination ;) I have found my last harbor in Centaurus. They gave me food, roof over my head too, they let me go on paddocs everyday and assure a various horsey companion. On my paddoc there are only pensioners, but as it is with elderlies – each of them has his own habits ;)



I do not really take delight in being with most of them, but I like an aged Demon a bit ;) and Spinka as old as him. We don't show feelings to each other, but it is a pleasure for me to be around. This way we lead a cheerful elderly life. However it is not enough for me to be happy. My shape is not as good as in the past, my teeth also decay, and my legs which went bad a long time ago are also disobedient now, but I would like to walk proudly again at the paddoc. And feel as once I could do everything, once I was somebody. An action has always been something obvious to me, so I didn't wait and just elbowed my way in front of the camera, and using signals - in my own various ways – I forced them to inform You about my needs :) You had already helped me once, you rescued me, so I hope also this time you will not leave me in need.



So after this wide introduction I am moving forward to the essence :) I need muesli for old horses as well as medications with glukosamine and chondroitin. Additionally, good vitamins for elderly would be helpful and some money for the vet to examine me closely, because I feel weeker and weeker even though my life plans are completely different. Let him take a look at me carefully and prescribe what is necessary.


Estimated monthly cost of supplementation for sore joints, vitamins, high-quality muesli and diagnostics is about 900 PLN. This is needed for Czarna to be our well-known Czarna again, not a Czarna's shadow.