My name is Tosia. I am 20 years old. I fundraise for my beautiful look, „coke” for a muscle mass and better joints mobility. A few years ago when I was no longer needed and senility took me into its arms, I was taken care of by Centaurus Foundation.

From that time on I am spending all my days with other retired horses on pecking at grass or hay, and when the sun goes down we all together go to the stable where a delicious supper is already waiting. Fate was pleasant to me even though I didn't get my pension in a stable which I had worked all my life for. There was not enough room for me. Because when old age and weakness come, friendship and love of the previous owner usually „volatilize”. But I do not complain. I have a warm barn with a scent of hay and straw. I have horsey friends with whom I quarrell sometimes, cause I am rather feisty. Here I have my own piece of heaven. Just lately my tired weary joints hurt, and as I rather gain years than loose them, week after week, month after month I move slower and slower. Once I loved to run and frolic, today step by step I am slowly following the rest of my herd and this is what hurts the most in senility – being decreipt.


I am not retired yet. I am „only” 20 years old, I could still run, but the past excessive harness caused my body not to work as good as it could. I will not become younger – oh, unfortunately, but if only I could get a proper supplementation aiding joints, decreasing the ailments, I could still gallop many distances at our paddocs. I wouldn't despise a muesli for old horses too, because I do not digest pasture as well as my younger friends, and it is getting more difficult to keep a proper weight, and because I move slowly I also loose my – once impressive – muscle mass. For keeping a good shape there are also great medications for horses in my age.



Monthly cost of the treatment which would provide me with a better comfort of life and a nicer appearance is about 800 PLN, including supplements which would make me feel better and much more physically fit. For my caregivers who look after me everyday it is a very high amount to afford. And horses similar to me - sick pensioners unwanted by their previous owners, capable only of being loved – there are dozens of them living with me in this piece of heaven.



So before your senility comes when you feel what it means not to be able to get up or run faster – already today you can see that good food and appropriate supplements really help. And when I gallop after taking all necessary mixtures – you will peacefully wait for your grey hair, because even though you cannot turn back time, a proper „coke” will improve quality of your life too. This certainity that there is something that can bring help also to You is worth as much as my medical treatment.



I fundraise for two months of my „coke” treatment, it is fair enough :)