Obligacja asks for help

My name is Obligacja. The foundation took care of me in 2011. Before I acquainted myself with other animals there I had spent a few weeks in the veterinary clinic near Gniezno (Poland) where my legs and skin changes were healed. After recovery I was taken to the Animal Farm of the Centaurus Foundation, and a few months later Alexandra found and adopted me.

She gave me the best care and loved me very much. But the destiny sometimes changes and life not always goes as we wanted. Some time ago I started having problems with my left back leg – people call it phlegmon. So this phlegmon was reminding me about itself from time to time, but after a short treatment I was recovering to my good form.

Unfortunately last autumn it was in a different way. The illness attacked me with a double force, there was a risk that I would not be able to recover from it and the time was coming for me to go to the other side - to gallop onto heavenly meadows. I was taken to the veterinary clinic in Gliwice (Poland) where doctors were fighting for my life and health. There was a halfway success, because I am alive, but the leg didn't come back to its previous state.



Today I live at the foundation's Animal Farm. The edema is smaller but it is all the time there and the doctors claim the changes are permanent. Moreover, sarcoids showed again on my skin. I am still in demand of medical treatment.



Intensive hirudotherapy can help me. The compounds that the leech's saliva contains may improve my comfort of life very much. I could run again, gallop again. And it wouldn't hurt. There is only the thing that one surgery costs 250 PLN, and I need a lot of them. According to my doctor's suggestions I should be given hirudotherapy treatment every other week for the first three months, and once a month in the following months. It sums up to a high amount.



Food supplements are also needed to improve my immune system, as well as vitamins, good quality pasture, which all together will help an internal healing process of my body, increase my immunity and decrease the risk of sudden relapses of the illness.



Please help.