Milka which disappeared...

Milka reached us just before Christmas Eve. Typical, atypical rabbit dachshund. Nothing much more than a kilogram of misfortune. She is completely blind and deaf. Going bald and skinny. Dumped, unwanted and completely forgotten by the world. But she IS.

Little Milka was running scared on a busy street, surely abandoned. Owners wanted to put her to sleep a few days earlier, but a veterinary refused euthanasia in this case. A dogs' shelter which took a dog from the street didn't give Milka back to her owners, concluding they had to „try very hard” to bring a dog into this state and let it „mislay”. We will not speculate how much intentional action it was due to the lack of possibility of euthanasia. This way she came to us at once.


Milka is 14 years old. Exceptionally amusing, eager to man whom she believes is a safe harbour and her guide, after all. We don't know how much time is left for Milka. But we know that right here, at the end of her journey, she needs us the most, because those for whom her heart was beating disappeared when she came to an old age.

Funds are needed for Milka's diagnosis. Veterinary suggests thyroid testing, diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome and blood tests (hematology, biochemistry). Moreover, Milka has heavy fleas, worms and is malnourished. She needs a cloth, special food and supplements.

In total about 2000 PLN is needed to provide Milka with comfort of her old age.


If you are able and willing to help...