It was a weekend. One of many when the telephone rings and million things happen at the same time (as if they were waiting for a whole week just to start happening right now). I mute my voice, because my son would never fall asleep, and I would never start writing anything, not even dreaming about finishing it.

So it was, 8th of December 2015


And just then Kacha appears on the screen of my mobile phone: „Listen, an old Peking Palasthund. A trader from Pomerania region called me. He is suffocating, all matted, skinny, emaciated, barely alive. Somebody took him from somewhere while taking the horses, as it happens in the countryside. Will we take him?”. Pomerania is almost at the other side of Poland, but after a while Karolina from Toruń who runs a small hotel for our quadrupeds, heads off. Whom if not her would set out for rescuing Frociu! At the place we receive a short message from her: „It's a kind of a Shih Tzu mix, not Pekingese at all. The trader hustles: „You take this York from here, Miss!”.

 Frociu comes back to Toruń with Karolina. It is not good at all. The dog has a heavy shortness of breath. You cannot see his eyes among all this matted bristle. Then I get the first photos of Frociu from Karolina. After the photos we receive the sad news – Frociu loses his consciousness. The team rushes with Frociu in their hands to the veterinary clinic. Frocio gets resuscitation there, then hairdressing and the removal of a big abscess under his eye. After a full diagnosis it occurs that a rhinoplasty surgery is needed to increase the flow of air and a level of the dog's oxygenation. Unfortunately, the physical condition of the dog is so dramatical that there is no way to make a surgery (which would somehow save his life). At first the animal has to recover to be in a better shape and then we would do the surgery immediately. At the moment Frociu has some neurological disorder, a broken pelvis (which is fused), eyeball damage and is highly infested with worms. Too small flow of air causes fainting. Little Frociu sleeps in a sitting position in order not to put pressure on the chest.

Frociu isn't a Pekingese, nor Shih Tzu, nor York. He is Frociu. The best version of Frociu! He is a small, lovely cuddler, a trustful oldie, and his mongrel doggy heart is as big as from here to the Moon, it's just made for loving a human and wipe Frociu's paws with a man's knees, day and night. May it be like this, Frociu has to be alive.



Update, 16th of December 2015

 Frociu underwent a series of cardiological tests in order to check if his shape is good enough to have a surgery, because his life condition is very poor in the opinion of the veterinary doctor.

Cardiological examination found: enlarged cardiac silhouette, bronchial pneumonia, circulation and respiratory systems failure, cardiopulmonary, endocarditis, dilatation of the lef and right heart, pulmonary fibrosis. We got medicines for the strenght of his heart. Doggy felt definitely much better. The surgery is planned for 25th of January, because all the medicines had to start having effects. The veterinary will adjust a level of an annesthetic to the dog's condition, the inhaling annesthetic will be turned on, not to burden the organism too much.

 All Frociu's troubles come from the fact that he cannot breathe, which is related to his doggy Frociu-heart.

 The fight for his life continues. You can help as well.