Our mission

The day we buy the animal out is only the very beginning of our work. Making sure that our horses spend many beautiful years living on our farm generates considerable costs, if we are to provide them with adequate care.
We always do our best to provide our animals with everything they need to live a dignified and safe life. Whenever possible, we improve the quality of life for horses in need by providing them with appropriate supplements, herbs or painkillers, as well as specialist treatments (acupuncture, acupressure, massages, solarium).

Your Eco Club Membership helps us cater for the daily and the “not so usual” needs of the rescued animals. The Club finances not just the food and the vet care, but also all the things that come up unexpectedly.

One of the horses we recently managed to rescue using the Club’s funds, as there was no time for fund-raising, is the mare Palmowa.
The Eco Club continuously finances a very expensive medicine called Ventipulmin for horses suffering from RAO, which amounts to £2000 per month for all the horses under treatment.
The Club also finances the cost of hiring the blacksmith and the vet (worming, vaccines), as well as additional treatments and specialised feed for senior horses. Eco Club also finances the building of loose boxes and the paddocks, which you can see in the "Our Big Farm" section.
We also do our best to help other, smaller organisations that rescue horses and are currently in need of external support. We are very happy whenever we are able to help provide transportation, food or vet interventions.

Eco Club also publishes its own magazine "BeBIO" for its Members and organises gatherings of the Club Members on our beautiful farm. It is usually a great opportunity to spend some time surrounded by horses and nature, as well as enjoy locally-grown organic, vegetarian food.
 Join us! We are already 6 000 Members around the world!