How to help


Centaurus Foundation’s mission is to help the horses in need. However, without the support of sponsors and donors we would not be able to provide the care for the 350 animals, which are now in our centers.
Overall, we have more than 650 horses, 300 dogs and 100 representatives of other furry species! Every donation, every gesture – although themselves may seem to be a mere drop in the ocean are specific foundations of our Foundation. Only together can we save many lives, together we can provide them with the highest quality care – but together we can change the lives of hundreds of horses. Therefore, we invite you: join the group of our friends and supporting us, add another brick to the mission of Centaurus.
How can you help?

• By providing a donation. It is a deposit – even the smallest ones – from the people whom the fate of the horses are not indifferent to allow the Foundation to work. In this way, we saved more than 650 horses and we can still fight for a better life for the next.
• Virtually adopting a horse. Fully or partially covering the costs of living, not only to be assured that they care, but also let us take another animal to the stables survivors. Virtual guardians are a great support for Centaurus; More on this topic you can read in the Adoptions / support.

•Joining the Eco Club. It combines under its banner lots of people who are not indifferent to issues of ecology and animal rights. All information about the Club, its objectives and the benefits of membership can be found here:

• With us in your time. Join the army of Ambassadors of Centaurus, promote our business in your town, among friends. It can be done even virtually! You can also print and spread leaflets, organize, share and publish documents support activities promoting FC on your blog – then in a very real way of helping ward Foundation.
• By providing us with material gifts. Food for older horses (muesli, granules), vitamins, supplements, blankets, halters, ointments, clays, dressings, insecticides, drinking bowls, troughs, licks – for us these are necessities which are never too much.