Our foundation is a charity, non profit full foundation. The financial income of the foundation is for the only purpose of covering up the needs of the animals such as food and health care.

We have been working for 10 years so except the experience and knowledge, we have gain the respect and trust of the people, local associations and other foundations.

The success of our practical methods is visible through the figures and results. Until this moment we could have saved 700 horses, 400 of which live in the stables of our foundation and the other 300 have already found new homes and new families and all of that is thanks to you. Even though, we must make sure that our main aim is not a number nor figure but only the welfare of the animals. That is why we found and started using an adoption system that allows the saved animals to be rehomed, to find a safe house filled with love. The adoption contract is forced with law term which insure the ownership of the animal to the Centaurus Foundation.

Our foundation doesn’t work behind closed doors. Our doors are always open for the virtual Adopter and all other kind Donors and adopters through the events like the Opened Day where you can visit and check closely your virtually adopted animal.

Every animal we saved belongs to the Centaurus Foundation and stays under its care and supervision all the time of its life, also during a real adoption period. It cannot be rented , borrowed, or sold to any other party. In case any problem would occurre with the animal in the new home, the adopter can always come back again to us for help or advice and direction.

Poland is a country that exports big numbers of horses from Germany, for their prices over there are cheaper compared to prices in Poland, which makes it attractive to the greedy meat traders to take advantage of the price differences to import the poor animals to be slaughtered and sold for the human consumption. And this is one of the motivating reasons for our foundation to save the horses from mistreatment and slaughter.

Our activities are not limited to our foundation only. We did and we are still doing lots of activities all around Poland.

Centaurus Foundation works thanks to Donors and volunteers, that is why it is very important for us that you can keep updated with our latest activities and information through our website where you can have access to lots of the pictures and files concerning the work of the foundation. And we still promise you a fast response without any delays nor problems.

One of the important programs in our foundation is the Eco way of life that we promote. We publish a monthly edition of the „Be Bio” Magazine and we opened the Eco Club which our Donors can join. Please have a look at our eco activities and join and help us to spread the Eco way of life.

All the workers in the Foundation are well prepared, educated and qualified with various specializations to cover up all the needs of the saved animals and running the foundation.

Our foundation is proud of all kind of support it received from over 400,000 people mostly from Poland, Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States of America. We are so proud of your support and help and promise you not to let you down, as we had never let you before in the hard previous long years behind us.

The Foundation of Centaurus is a unique foundation and thanks to your unlimited help and support we published and are still publishing healhy, natural, friendly ways to live in harmony with nature and saving these big numbers of poor animals and providing them with the best that they deserve after all the suffering.


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PL43 1020 5226 0000 6902 0386 6738 (donations in USD)


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