Rescue costs


Our idea and work of many volunteers would not have a chance to exist if not for your financial support, which embodies our mission of saving horses. Current world needs to pay for everything - or at least for what the horses so badly need. Straw, hay, oats, muesli, vet, transports, blacksmith, employment of people to care, construction pits - are the founders of so many things that it is impossible to enumerate it here.

We want to at least partially share with you information which may interest you. Many of you have your own horse and well versed in "the pricelist horse", but also many horses met for the first time on our side. Moreover, in many countries the cost of maintaining horses can vary dramatically.


How does it therefore looks on our farm?

  • The bale of hay costs about 13 GBP a day our horses eat hay on the farm for almost 350 GBP
  • Monthly  we buy oats for about 8,500 GBP
  • Blacksmith for a horse is 12 GBP
  • The operation at the clinic along with the care of an average of £ 1,000
  • Once every three months we buy toothpaste for deworming 5 000 GBP
  • The groom receives an average salary of 350 per month
  • The purchase of one horse starts from £ 600

These are only some examples of costs, if you want to know more, we invite you to contact us or visiting!

The joy of rescue is priceless and it can not be converted into money, but without them rescue is impossible. That's why we give you enormous gratitude for the support given to each of our mission.