Centaurus Animal Farm Foundation


Szczedrzykowice, the seat of our farm, was first mentioned in chronicles in the thirteenth century, a hundred years later, there was a church, hospital (that is why I German name) and the tavern.

The history of the palace begins when the owner of the property and nearby in Szczedrzykowice Piotrówku was captain Gottfried Schneider. Not much later (precisely in 1885), was a palace, now recognized as historic. The building was not dazzled locals exaggerated pomp or decoration. Rather, it was the residence of the functional. In 1910, it was added to the two side aisles (stores and ground floor), thus creating a horseshoe plan today.

After the war, the building became the property of the local state farms to serve as a cafeteria for employees. Thanks to the efforts of successive generations preserved adjacent to the palace park with stately oaks and ash trees.

Finally, in 2012, we have become the owners of this farm. That’s when I experienced a kind of charming place of rebirth. Again appeared in the people who take care of the buildings and rendering them proper meaning. Utility rooms have been adapted to the stables, built in the courtyard of the beautiful paddocks. Today, the building is a house for nearly 350 horses – under our special care, because a large proportion of these are old or sick animals. Here, too, we arrange open days Centaurus Foundation and enable all interested read our pupils.

Unfortunately avoided woes. The last day of 2012 years was infernal. Despite the efforts of our many firefighters and nearly burned down the roof, which was the pride of the object. Do not give up, however, and painstakingly rebuild the damage made by the element to the farm fell into disrepair and could not continue to be home for the animals and the people who care for them.

Unfortunately, the palace was too young for it to obtain assistance from the state, we were so alone with this considerable problem. However, we believe that you will join us and together we will create the enclave, where the animals are safe, happy, loved.