Our big farm

Szczedrzykowice (Spittelndorf)

For the first time it was mentioned in the annuals in the XIII century, and a hundred years later there already was a church, hospital and a tavern (hence the German name of the place). The story of the palace began when captain Gottfried Schneider became the owner of the property in Szczedrzykowice and in nearby Piotrówek. A little later on (precisely in 1885) the palace was built up which is nowadays considered a monument. The building was not too luxury or excessive in splendor. It was rather a very functional and practical residence of the family. The two side aisles were added to the building in 1910, giving the palace the shape of a horseshoe. After the World War II the palace became a local PGR’s property and they decided to arrange a canteen in there for the employers. Thanks to the good will and efforts of the next generations a park adjacent to the palace with its magnificent oaks and ash has been preserved.

Finally in 2012, we became the owners of the property. Only then this charming place was reborn. We hired right people who took care of the place and gave it back its real character and function. We have arranged stables out of the utility rooms and a beautiful paddock for horses in the courtyard.

At the moment, 350 horses have found their shelter in the farm. We give lots of tender care to them, because most of the animals are either sick or old. Every now and then we organize open days in the farm in order to give our potential clients an opportunity to make a contact with the horses.