Our dogs


Meet the dogs that live with us on the farm!



When it comes to barking at horses, Elmo is the planet’s most accomplished professional. He is also the reason why we bought the farm in the first place, but that’s a different story. Elmo is no spring chicken and has a unique character. He is a dog with a human soul. He’s also extremely clever and very much connected with both us and our horses. He lives in the palace by the fireplace and spends his days working with the horses, as a good sheepdog should.




The brave Bobas joined us in 2011. We found him at a petrol station, where he was left abandoned by his previous owner. The employees of the station said that the dog had been lying next to the gas pump for a few days and the station owner ordered for him to be sent to a shelter. We came back to the farm with a powerful Amstaff, who turned out to be the mildest dog in the world. We named him Bobas and he’s been with us ever since.



Max was given away by his previous owner because of his advanced age. He has a unique sympathy for ponies and is willingly taken for walks by our youngest visitors because of his graceful approach to people.