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2020 may be the second warmest year in the history of measurements

The report of the World Meteorological Organization “The state of the climate in the world in 2020” shows that the current decade is the warmest in the history of measurements. WMO also announces that 2020 may be the second warmest year since 1850. The year 2016 is still number one. The biggest evidence of climate change is higher temperatures and weather anomalies.

This year, record high temperatures have been recorded on land and oceans, especially in the Arctic. According to WMO data, the average temperature in the world in January-October 2020 was 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than the average for the years 1850-1900. Scientists observed the highest increase in the average temperature in Siberia, where the temperature was 5 degrees Celsius above the average.

The results of the WMO report are not optimistic, as according to forecasts for the coming years, the average temperature will continue to rise to 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial period. The world is on the verge of breaking the Paris Agreement, according to which crossing the temperature limit by 2 degrees Celsius will cause irreversible climate change.