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A brutal tradition of the Faroe Islands

The pandemic did not stop the brutal tradition of the Faroe Islands. Grindadrap continues. The period between July and August is the time of hunting whales. According to activists from Sea Shepherd Global, 463 whales and 35 Atlantic dolphins have already been killed during this year’s hunt.

The history of this event goes back 1000 years ago. Grindadrap is a tradition that arouses a lot of controversies. The animals are ritually killed in summer when they pass by the Faroe Islands. The reason for the slaughter is simple – every year the islanders are trying to supply with meat for the coming winter. Mammals are caught in nets and killed. Later they lie down until they bleed out. The water at the shore turns red. This site shows that the famous hunt took place. Despite the protests of activists and the coronavirus pandemic, the inhabitants achieved their goal, and this year the tradition has continued.

The annual slaughter takes place there despite loud protests of activists. The Non-Governmental Organization Sea Shepherd describes this tradition as a “barbaric practice” that should be banned.