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A new type of pollution? 

Ecologists warn. A coronavirus pandemic can trigger a rapid increase in a new type of pollution – by increasing the amount of plastic waste that endangers marine life. Abandoned masks and gloves litter the seafloor. 

Some time ago, the French nonprofit Opération Mer Propre pointed to a problem. While cleaning the area around the Golfe-Juan resort on the Cote d’Azur, they picked up plastic waste – including bottles and seals. But apart from that, divers also picked up several disposable masks and latex gloves that were used to protect against coronavirus infection on the bottom of the sea. The organization warns that this is just the beginning, and with more masks and gloves thrown into the seas and oceans, the problem will only increase. The victims of plastic garbage of human origin are primarily sea animals. Throwing masks and gloves into the seas and oceans not only harms the environment but also threatens people. In addition, this garbage significantly affects overall water pollution.