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A sensational discovery in the Amazon

Thousands of paintings have been discovered on rock walls in Colombia’s largest national park. Archaeologists from Great Britain and Colombia, in the depths of the Amazonian forest, found rock art that dates back to prehistoric times. In addition to animal species, the recreated scenes also show the fauna of the Ice Age. Thirteen kilometers of rock paintings show many species that became extinct thousands of years ago. Their creators are showing mainly hunting scenes. The paintings represent powerful herbivores that were hunted by prehistoric hunters.

This amazing discovery is one of the world’s largest collections of rock art. For experts, this is extremely important because it sheds new light on how the inhabitants of the Amazon basin lived and how they managed to survive in such inhospitable areas. Archaeological data have confirmed that the first settlements in the rainforest area may have taken place 13,000 years ago.

The discovery took place in 2017 and 2018 in the Serranía La Lindosa area at the northern tip of the Colombian Amazon but has been kept secret until now.