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You certainly have a big heart for animals, especially horses, and you want to look after an animal friend for the rest of your life. 

You want to adopt one of our horses? Great, you are exactly on the right place here!


What you need to know before adopting a horse:

  1. The adoption itself is free.

The person who adopts the horse is responsible for transporting the animal from the farm in Poland to the new home (all the necessary papers for crossing the border, such as a medical officer certificate, are provided by the Centaurus Foundation). You are responsible for all other papers.


  1. The horse may not be sold in any way, used for profit, used by outsiders (also free of charge) or used for reproduction.


  1. A contract is signed between the foundation and the adoptive family to protect both parties and, above all, to safe the horse´s rights.


  1. Basic requirements of a horse: A box or an adapted shelter, a safe exercise area, close contact with other horses and a loving supervisor with time.


  1. You must be of legal age

(min. 18 or older because you have to provide that you are able to pay the monthly costs to take care of a horse like food, box, pasture etc.)  

to adopt a horse (if you are not of legal age, please ask your parents or legal guardians to contact us).