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Welcome to Centaurus Foundation adoption page.

All animals here are waiting for a loving adoption home.  Some can only be adopted virtually due to their health.  We hope You can find Your perfect animal to care for.

Once You have chosen, please fill out one of the two adoption forms below.  Thank You. 

Animals are sorted in alphabetical order. Happy Searching!


  • Angela Plukaard
    Posted 6 March 2022 09:21 0Likes

    Dear organisation,
    We are astonished what is happening in the ukraine, we support you!
    We saw on on our prime time news channel “nos” your interview and what tou are doing in the ukraine.
    Ther was mentioned that you are looking for adoption homes. How can we get in contact to adopt one of you dogs?

    Take caRe, stay strong and we hope on a better future for you all.

  • Angelina
    Posted 6 March 2022 09:29 0Likes

    Ive seen in The news about the rescue Of Cats and dOgs from Croatia..?
    Im inteRested in helping A dOg but i would like to get sOme more information about the prOcedure and costs if POSSIBLE.
    With warm regards
    (Amsterdam, the netherlands)

  • Caroline wick
    Posted 6 March 2022 11:17 0Likes

    I have room for dogs out croatie. Have a farm call 0031651793820

  • Marijke van der ven
    Posted 6 March 2022 11:44 0Likes

    I can adopt a small Ukraïn dog for the time beiNg.

  • Farah Zahraoui
    Posted 6 March 2022 11:54 0Likes

    I would like to help and shelter a Dog Untill reunited with their owners.

  • Zweitse de WWit
    Posted 6 March 2022 12:25 0Likes

    We can take in two Leonberger dogs temporarily or for a longer period of time.
    We live in Zutphen Netherlands.

  • Elise snoek
    Posted 6 March 2022 14:14 0Likes

    I am willing and able to give a home to rescued dogs from Oekraine who need a new family. Temporary or permanent. I have two dogs already but enough space, indoor and outdoors, for many more. You can contact me any time. Telephone-nr is 0031-652477744 in the Netherlands

  • Sheila Bunink
    Posted 6 March 2022 16:59 0Likes

    Hi i saw you helping the house animals in oekrain how can we support?

  • Bégonia GÓMEZ
    Posted 10 March 2022 12:58 0Likes


  • Iryna
    Posted 9 April 2022 23:54 0Likes

    Good afternoon! my name is Irina, I’m from Kiev
    Ukrainian Federation helps to transport my horse from Kyiv to Lviv for free. Then they help me take him to the Czech Republic. but the federation does not help pay for documents for crossing the border. Can your organization somehow help me pay for customs and veterinary documents? thank! ❤️

  • Sue
    Posted 11 April 2022 08:44 0Likes

    I see on your adoption page … queries re: adopting a Ukraine dog/dogs. How are you handling this? I will give my feelings. I think it is great to be feeding the animals (all animals) and helping the Ukraine people .. but I see that your organization and many others are GEtTING ASKED BY OTHERS/STRANGERS/PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHO ARE REQUESTING TO adopt Ukraine pets. i THINK THAT IS FINE FOR OBVIOUS STREET DOGS … STRAY DOGS. bUT, WHAT ABOUT THE uKRAINE CITIZENS THAT HAD NO CHOICE AT THE BORDER OR WHILE FEELING THROUGH BOMBS AND MISSILES THAT HAD TO LEAVE THEIR PET DOGS AND CATS BEHIND. tHOSE ANIMALS “BELONG” TO THEIR uKRAINE OWNERS. iT IS “OWNERSHIP”. * * hOW IS YOUR ORGANIZATION HANDLING THAT? hOW WILL YOU HOLD PETS LONG ENOUGH FOR THEIR TRUE OWNERS TO SEARCH FOR THEM? hOW WILL YOU IDENTIFY THESE PETS AND THEN LIST THEM ON A REGISTRY AND ADVERTISE IT SO THAT THE TRUE OWNERS CAN BE APPRISED OF THE REGISTRY AND MAKE CONTACT. yOUR ORGANIZATION WILL NEED TO TAKE PICTURES OF EACH PET, CORRECT. * * * * iS THAT YOUR MISSION .. TO HELP THE PETS AND THEN DO YOUR BEST TO REUNIT THEM WITH THEIR UKRAINE OWNERS? lEGALLY, i BELIEVE IT COULD BE NO OTHER WAY. * * aMERICANS (i AM ONE) ARE NOW GETTING INVOLVED — BUT WHAT i AM DRAWING FROM THE u.s. INVOLVEMENT IS A DESIRE TO HELP AND ASSIST, BUT TO ALSO ACQUIRE uKRAINE DOGS WITH THE PURPOSE OF GETTING THEM INTO THE uNITED STATES (i GUESS THE u.s. cdc IS THINKING ABOUT LESSENING THEIR RESTRICTIONS?) FOR ADOPTION IN THE U.S. ……. My thoughts: that is horrible! why? because 3 million dogs die in the U.S. yearly (that does not count the street dogs/strays that are not caught). If this is allowed to happen — that will be a travesty for dogs and cats/other pets in animal shelters in the U.S. Being an American — i feel that Americans should be donating to all factors of ukraine (children; citizens; pets; farm animals; MILITARY; FOOD PANTRIES; rebuilding of cities, etc. and on and on). But: I do not feel it is decent, fair, HONEST, correct for countries like the UK, Australia, U.S., etc., to be able to acquire pets/animals that belong to ukraine citizens. If the u.s. soon allows dogs to be imported in from ukraine — that will be a disaster for the dogs/cats/pets in american animal shelters. tHERE WILL BE A HUGE DEATH TOLL! nOT ONLY THAT, IT WILL ALSO BE HARMFUL FOR SOME OF THE UKRAINE PETS — WHO WILL HAVE A VERY TOUGH TIME TRANSITION TO LIFE IN THE U.s. * * Each country should have a moral obligation to take care of their own animals first and foremost — no getting animals from another country as a “feel good” .. while animals in U.S. shelters are killed because citizens are adopting animals from Ukraine, poland, romania, ETC. * * wHAT IS YOUR PLAN IN THIS REGARDK WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MY COMMENTS? * * wILL THE uKRAINE PEOPLE BE HARMED AND ATTACKED AGAIN, IF THEIR BELOVED PETS ARE WHISKED AWAY BY STRANGERS .. NOT THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN/WOMEN — AND THEN THE UKRAINE OWNERS WILL NEVER FIND THEIR PET(S) AGAIN .. REUNITE WITH THEIR PET(S) AGAIN .. AND IT WILL BE YET ANOTHER HUGE LOSS FOR THEM. * * oNE MORE THING — IF YOU DO SET UP ADOPTIONS FOR PEOPLE FROM THE u.S./OTHER COUNTRIES — WILL YOU HAVE THE ADOPTERS SIGN LEGAL DOCUMENTS THAT: IF A UKRAINE OWNER LEARNS THAT THEIR ANIMAL WAS SHIPPED OUT — THE ADOPTOR WILL AGREE B-4 TAKING POSSESSION OF THE PET, THAT THEY WILL AGREE AS TO THE ANIMAL BEING RELEASED AND RETURNED TO THE TRUE uKRAINE OWNER OF THE PET? wHAT IS YOUR PLAN TO SET UP SAFEGUARDS? * * tHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! sORRY, FOR THE LENGHT OF MY POST; BUT, THIS WEIGHS HEAVY ON ME, ESPECIALLY WHEN I PUT MYSELF IN THE PLACE OF A UKRAINE CITIZEN WHO IS UNABLE TO FIND THEIR PET. * * aGAIN — THANK YOU FOR SAVING PEOPLE AND ANIMALS IN UKRAINE!! – aPRIL 10, 2022

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