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Amelia’s rehabilitation is doing good, but she and her daughter are still looking for Virtual Guardians. Please fill out the ADOPTION FORM to become one. Thank You.

UPDATE 15.06.2021

Dear Friends.
We cannot express enough how grateful we are for Your help in saving Amelka and her baby dougher Ariadna. Because of You we managed to pay for their lifes and they are already in Szczedrzykowice.
However, at the moment the news are not so good. Amelka’s leg is very swollen, edema starts to cover her belly. It is probably the effect of cutting the hooves too much and driving the shoe nails through the living part of her leg. Because of that Amelka is feverish. The pus is running from the crown of her hoof. The mare is under intensive care with prescribed antibiotics. X-ray images were done and her bones are not damaged.
Her state is severe and the prognosis is not very good. Keep Your fingers crossed. She is very strong, but it is an old mare and everything can happen. Next weeks will be decisive. Please dont stop the support. She really needs it.

UPDATE 28.06.2021

Amelia would like to thank You for your persistence, for the sea of ​​warm thoughts and words of support.
The treatment continues and… brings good results. The swelling disappeared from the abdomen and leg. Every day Amelia wears a compress with a special solution on her leg. The first few days were extremely difficult, lymph with pus was seeping through the skin from the whole length of her leg.
The prognosis was very cautious, but after the last visit to the vet, we have more and more hope that Amelia will survive although the prognosis has not changed yet. Her doughter is always happy to assist in the daily care of her mother, they both know that we want to help them. Amelia gets up more and more often and stands at the door of her box every day at the same time waiting for Diana (our veterinary technician). We are deeply touched by this behavior, our hearts are melting everyday when we see her.

We are also very grateful to each of you. It was because of Your determination and great hearts that they both have a new chance. We only make this chance work, thanks to Your support.
Stay with Amelia and her little doughter. For every support in treating Amelia – wholeheartedly – thank You!

Amelia’s story

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We do not even know what to write, because our requests are so frequent that we are anxiously posting another one. After all, we know perfectly well that you are doing what you can to support more animals. We also know that you experience these dramas as much as we do. We know that it is hard for you to face the next nightmares and watch the next movies and photos. We would love not to send you anything anymore. We wist that there to be no such need again. But today these are only dreams because there are still more animals waiting to be rescued than there are opportunities to help them. Today we are faced with a very difficult decision again. Deciding whether to save or give up and walk away, knowing that we may not be able to do it this time. Because there is very little time and the amount is lar