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An amazing view of the Himalayas

The inhabitants of India are delighted with the view of the Himalayas. For the first time in decades, the mountains can be seen from a distance of 200 km. Why? The air condition has improved a lot and the beautiful landscape has appeared to people.

These views can be enjoyed because of the lower air pollution. This was influenced by the introduction of restrictions as a result of a coronavirus pandemic. Some of the inhabitants saw this landscape for the first time in their lives. They didn’t think it would ever happen. Many of them were surprised that all that was needed was to improve the air quality. Indian authorities are struggling with the biggest air pollution in the world. Filter towers are being built in New Delhi because the standards are exceeded 25 times every day. Living in this one of the most populous cities in the world is dangerous to health. However, it turns out that a few weeks of isolation was enough for the air over India to improve significantly. This mountain landscape, which suddenly appeared before the eyes of the inhabitants, should prompt the Indian authorities to implement radical measures to fight smog and pollution.