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An unusual action for the Dead Sea

Several hundred people wearing nothing but white paint got involved in a project in southern Israel, by the Dead Sea. Together, they took part in an event aimed at publicizing the great problem. The naked crowd was photographed by the artist Spencer Tunick, known from similar installations. The aim of the project was to show that the Dead Sea is disappearing due to climate change and other human activities. The photographer’s intention was to resemble columns of salt.

The Dead Sea is the most salty natural water reservoir on our planet. However, this unusual creation of nature is slowly disappearing. Spencer Tunick drew attention to the problem by creating an unusual, lively art installation. According to The Guardian, 10 years ago a photographer took a similar photo of 1,000 naked people. Since then, the shore where he took the picture has moved to a completely different place. In 2018, Israel published a report showing that the shore of the basin retreats by an average of 1.2 meters each year.