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An unusual concert for macaques

British pianist Paul Burto played an extraordinary concert for Thai macaques. The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a smaller amount of monkey visitors. As a result, they are hungry and aggressive. The musician decided to calm them down with soothing melodies and bring attention to the problem.

Hundreds of macaques live in the 18th-century ruins of Phra Pang Sam Yot Temple in Lop Buri. They have become a permanent part of the city landscape and have become a part of it. The monkeys became addicted to tourists who fed them regularly. Since the number of visitors has decreased significantly, the macaques are at risk of starvation. This affects their behavior, they become aggressive, they attack people and each other. That’s why the musician from Great Britain decided to calm the monkeys with gentle, soothing melodies. It turned out that the animals were very eager to listen to the concert, taking an active part in it. They sat around Paul and his instrument with great interest.