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An unusual phenomenon on Lake Baikal

As every year at this time, on the shores of the great Lake Baikal you can observe an amazing natural phenomenon. Lake Baikal called the “Siberian Sea” is the oldest and deepest lake in the world and the seventh when it comes to the surface. It stretches for 636 km and reaches a width of 79 km. It is a tectonic lake.

Baikal is famous for its exceptionally transparent waters, thanks to which in winter a thick layer of crystal-clear ice with a blue shade is formed on its surface. In the spring, when the ice begins to crack, you can observe the spectacular phenomenon of “creeping” of large blocks of ice floes ashore on the banks of Baikal. It is due to strong winds, pushing large masses of ice, giving them enormous energy. This extraordinary spectacle can be compared to observing the ice age on a small scale and at an accelerated pace, when the moving ice sheets plowed the ground, leaving us a characteristic landscape.