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Another ecological breakthrough

Austria and Sweden give up one of the most important sources of air pollution on Earth – coal. Sweden has decided to close the Stockholm coal power plant. The plant was permanently closed. This is the effect of the Scandinavian country joining the European agreement, which assumes the complete abandonment of the exploitation of this raw material. Sweden is planning to switch to full “natural” energy use by 2040. Currently, in this case, Sweeden is the leader among other countries. Why? Over half of the energy in Sweden comes from renewable energy sources. Similar steps have been taken by Austria, which wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Hydropower plants are very popular, and renewable sources currently meet 30% of the country’s energy demand. Another ecological breakthrough.

Both of these countries are following in the footsteps of Belgium, which decided to eliminate coal in 2016. Austria recently joined Belgium, followed by Sweden. By 2025, France, Slovakia, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, and Italy also declare resignation from coal-fired power plants. For today, 14 European countries have announced their full departure from energy from coal.