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The horses are after quarantine, blacksmith’s visit, deworming and have qualified for real adoption. Antosia is initially driven, she needs further study. Due to the small build and short height, the maximum weight of the rider is 55 kg. Likes human contact, especially cleaning. Attentive to people and very caring for her child.

They only look for a home together, with a person who will be able to guide Antosia’s further education, and in some time will also be able to organise the growing foal.


type: little horse
Born on 03.2017
Height at the withers 151
Hassle-free to work around
The horse is roughly ridden under the saddle
Only for adoption with her daughter.
Horses are not suitable for children

In the case of real adoption, the first mandatory step is the ADOPTION FORM (it does not oblige you to adopt).

If You do not have the space for them, become their VIRTUAL GUARDIAN. Thank You

13/07/2021 Update

Antosia and her baby are safe! No more tight cells and dirt – now only quarantine, during which they will be inspected by a vet and their hooves will be taken care of by a farrier, and then just carefree basking in the sun, the wind combing their manes and fragrant hay, which they will never run out of. In all of this, what is most important – a sense of security and the certainty that no one will hurt Antosia or her daughter, who can explore the world without worries or fear for the future. It’s all thanks to You. Thank you for this priceless gift You gave these girls. Thank You!

Their Story

After the evening feeding Antosia calms down. She knows no one will come here until tomorrow. The whip in the doorway will no longer bite. The gangplank of the butcher’s truck will not crash against the floor. She breathes a sigh of relief and gently nudges her beloved daughter with her nose to make her eat more so that at least the little one is not hungry for the night. That much she can do. Just enough.

In the dark, in the stench of manure, terrified but brave, she cares for her own child. And she is thankful because she has one more night to live, to cuddle and feed her baby. It is one of the last nights for them. In the morning Antosia feels that the end is coming and she trembles at the sound of an approaching man. She has been here for few days. It was here, on the concrete floor, that she gave birth, wading in her own excrement. There, in the manure the baby took her first steps. From there, they will set off on their last journey to the slaughterhouse. The decision was made a long time ago and it is only a matter of time before it will be done. Antosia had a house once. She had seen the sun and the grass. And then something went wrong. A trader came, they took out the halter and put on an uncomfortable butcher’s rope. With whip they persuaded her to enter the gangway. She did not protest, she knew well how ruthless a man can be.

Today, in the shed on the livestock market, she awaits the inevitable with horror. When the gangplank crashes in front of her, she will have to nudge her baby to follow her in a way that the little one would know it is good and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Step by step, to the accompaniment of the hooves on the metal floor, she will lead her own child to slaughter. Just before the end comes, they will be brutally separated. They will take what is most valuable to Antosia by force. The desperate cry of her own child will be the last thing she will hear before the butcher’s knife stops her world forever. While dying, the little one will call her beloved mother until the last breath. Her Mom, who had been poking her with a warm nose a few moments earlier, making silent promises that everything will be ok.