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Update 22/07/2021

Aramis saved!

We thank you wholeheartedly for saving Aramis. Now that he is with us, he will not be judged in terms of his fitness, and we will do our best to make him fully recover – but not to work, but to enjoy life among other ungulates. He will never be used again – and it’s all thanks to You! Aramis is still waiting for the blacksmith’s and the vet’s visits to tell us the best way to take care of him. From now on, all support will go to the maintenance and treatment of Aramis. Thank you!

Aramis’s story

Have you ever wondered what a horse feels when he loses his home, sense of security, and horse friends with one decision? Do you know how terrible it is when he is taken to the track, hit by the whips? He doesn’t understand what is happening. He doesn’t know where they’re taking him. With his fear, he is left all alone when the call of his friends is silenced with the distance.

Aramis was bought a few weeks ago by the owner of a recreational stable. A tall, strong, young horse was to meet the expectations of more and more customers. He was to earn his new owner by pulling a horse-drawn carriage and carrying tourists on the back. Trained, he cost a lot and turned out to be a huge disappointment.
Aramis started limping on the very first day of work. First, it was light. On the second day, pus came out of the hoof. The owner called the vet. He put on a bandage, and told him to wait. A week later, there was no sign of the abscess, but the lameness did not go away. The doctor came back, took X-rays, and said that Aramis was unfit for hard work. Perhaps he would never be suitable for any work again.

The owner did not think long. He didn’t want to heal Aramis or keep an animal that doesn’t bring profit. So he called the trader. The truck came, a butcher’s rope wrapped around Aramis’s head. It was the end of dreams of a good life. About any life … because who will buy a lame horse that needs to be treated?

The death machine has already started for Aramis. They are still fattening him for slaughter. Tied up in the barn, he waits for his end. If you help, we can change that. We can give him a home, care, and treatment. Give a good life to the herd of animals you saved.