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Argentina saved the endangered jaguars

Good news. Argentina saved the endangered jaguars. Researchers focused on protecting habitats and preventing poaching. These animals were to become extinct, but their population doubled in 15 years. Observations of researchers have shown a slow increase in the number of jaguars since the beginning of 2005.

WWF, Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina, and local environmental organizations have been observing jaguars in the southwest of South America since 2005. The scientists were using motion-responsive cameras. As a result, photos were obtained for analysis, and observations showed an increase in the number of jaguars. These animals are primarily threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting. That’s why these two areas are mostly taken under consideration when it comes to jaguar protection activities. Researchers hope that the increase in the number of jaguars in that region will continue in the future. They also ensure that they will make even greater efforts to eliminate the risk of jaguar extinction in Argentina.