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Arka is looking for a person who has the time and skills to conduct further education.
Arka is healthy and will ultimately be an ideal walking horse.

Polish draft horse
Born on May 14, 2018
Non-conflict in the herd
Height at the withers is about 155 cm, still growing
Not suitable for children.

Do you want to adopt her? Fill in the FORM! – this is the first, mandatory step.

Arka came under our care in the spring of 2021. We don’t know what happened to her in life, but she was scared of people.

To help her, she was taken to a center specializing in natural methods of working with horses. There she studied for over 4 months. She became desensitized, learned the basics of cooperation with humans, and, above all, gained trust in people. Today she is a calm horse looking for contact with a handler.