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Asian tiger – did you know?

The Asian tiger is the largest predatory cat of the genus Panthera and one of the largest modern predators in the world. But it’s also critically endangered. Currently, it is under strict protection, and 13 countries in which it lives at large have agreed, the effect of which is plans to double its number by 2022.

In many cultures, the tiger is considered a symbol of strength, independence, and courage. Even 120 years ago, huge areas of Asia were inhabited by about 100,000 tigers, which is over 25 times more than today! Adult male Asian tigers achieve over 300 kg body weight with a total length of over 3 m. Currently, many factors contribute to the fact that Asian tigers are an endangered species. Their social behavior and the way they obtain food contribute to this. Many of them die during attacks on large ungulates, or as a result of fights with bears or wolf packs. It is estimated that although they are very efficient predators, only 1 in 10-20 attacks is successful. Tigers are also killed by poachers who specialize in obtaining fur, claws, and tusks from them.

Of all 3,890 Asian tigers alive today, half live in India, where 18 special reserves have been established for them.