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Australia focuses on electric taxis

Interesting plans for Australia. Sydney does not want to allow a return to normality after the coronavirus outbreak. Increased usage of cars would mean a dramatic increase in smog. That’s why it was decided to develop a large fleet of electric taxis.

Taxis, especially in the city, have a big impact on air quality. They are the most frequently used cars. It is said that they travel even from 150 to 200 km a day. That’s why it is not difficult to see the importance of this project. The vision of the city with electric taxis was proposed by ETaxiCo. Under the slogan “Zero Contact, Zero Emissions” it wants to convince Australian residents that such taxis are the most desirable means of transport today. Especially for those who do not ride a bicycle, but are afraid of public transport and safety measures applied in it. Electric taxis are intended to reduce the risk of infecting drivers and passengers as much as possible.

This initiative is supported by local authorities which, secured priority parking spots for taxis from ETaxiCo.