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BABA looking for virtual giardians!

Thanks to you, it was possible to save her and Baba took up residence in our reserve and hopes to find virtual guardians.  We are asking for a pension on her behalf. Every aging body needs extra support. In addition to mashed and soaked oats, granola for the elderly with wheat bran, Baba needs supplements to improve the digestive system and additives to alleviate degenerative changes in the locomotive system. She needs support of up to PLN 1,200 (USD 308) a month. She will be grateful for any help given. It is the permanent sponsor who decides about the amount of support he provides – because our dictionary does not include the phrase: “too little” help. Please fill this FORM

07/06/2021 UPDATE:

Thank you with all our hearts for saving Baba!
The mare has already arrived at our asylum, where she is waiting for a visit from a veterinarian and a blacksmith. Now she will have access to countless carrots waiting for her, a whole lot of tenderness, and above all a safe, peaceful life among other surviving horses. Thank You again on her behalf. From now on, all support will be allocated to the maintenance and veterinary care of Baba.

Baba’s Story:

Baba’s entire life was spent in human service. From the time she was a year and a half, every day, month, and year she had worked. And wherever she lived, she had to be of use everywhere. Nobody ever wanted to hold her just because. Everyone wanted her to earn for herself and her owner. Because horses have masters and they decide how much to work when you can rest when to eat and whether you can even leave the barn and look at the sun for a moment without doing anything.

Today, after years of wandering, she probably does not want to remember all the children taken away from her by force, nor the hours spent under the saddle, nor the kilometers when she was pulling a heavy cart. Today, after years of work, there was no new client, so she was sent to slaughter. Because she is fat. Because she’s heavy. Because she can’t get pregnant.

There is no retirement after years of working for horses. Baba did not find someone who would like to share their house and money with her, and by sending her to the slaughter, you can earn money on her. Last time…
When we look at her, she looks at us with hope. The remnants of a worn leather halter tied with a thick rope around her neck. Glancing at the whip standing nearby, she stretches her neck and after a while with soft, still warm nostrils, he takes carrot slices from our hands. Squinting her eyes, she chews it for a long time, as if she was considering if she would ever get another one. Because who knows if there are any carrots where the horses go after death …

– “Enough of these photos. Are you taking her or should I put her in order? ” The trader pushes us out of the barn and closes the old rusty door. The End of visitation. The mare’s desperate crying you can still hear all around the yard.