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Basia and Balbinka are looking for virtual guardians. Monthly cost of their maintanance is PLN 1400 (USD 360). To support them, please fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form. Thank You so much.

19/06/2021 UPDATE

Dear Sir or Madam it is thanks to You that we managed to save Basia and her baby. Both horses are already in Szczedrzykowice. For the next two weeks, they will be quarantined, during this period they will undergo veterinary health tests and a blacksmith will evaluate their hooves. After this period, they will finally join the herd of mothers and babies and if there are no issues, they will look for a foster home.
Ladies and Gentlemen, once again thank You very much for your help in saving these wonderful animals. Without you, they wouldn’t have any chance of a happy life

Basia’s story

Basia, we’re sorry. We would like to save you so much and we are so afraid that we will not be able to do it.
When we went to the trader we only knew about donkeys. We did not expect that there would be more animals waiting to be rescued there. We were not prepared for this.
And when your little son stuck out his face through the open door, our hearts melted. The moment when you looked into our eyes, hearts, and souls with your despairing glance, we could not leave you and your son without even trying to help you. Attached to a heavy chain, you weren’t even able to look after your own baby.

They brought you here on May 26. On Mother’s Day, you and your child were sentenced to death. When others were celebrating, you, so brave, led your beloved child onto the trader’s car.
Basia, we are sorry. For the hell, that man has prepared for you. For years of harm. For working beyond strength. For all the times. And that people brutally took your children. We cannot turn back time, we cannot make you forget how much evil you have suffered because of people’s fault, and although we try, fear fills our hearts that we will not be able to save you.

We agreed with the trader that on June 18 we will come for you. A deposit of 500 zlotys postponed the execution of the sentence, unfastened the chain, and took the heavy halter off your head. The
trader, however, did not agree to take the butcher’s rope because, as he said, you must know what you’re here for.