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Beavers are our allies

The research that was conducted in the United States after the wave of wildfires proved that beavers are our allies in the fight against drought and wildfires. Research shows that by building dams, term ponds, and digging canals, the water transmission corridors and fireproof card refuges where plants and animals can hide.

Based on a study by a team of Dr. Emily Fairfax, hydrologists at California State University. Scientists decided to check the text fields of fires in five states after 2000. They used satellite photos on which the dam was stretched. It turned out that in the vicinity of the beaver habitats after the fire had subsided, lush vegetation developed without any problems. Birds, small mammals, and reptiles were also found in the clean study. Scientists report that dams renew ecosystems, also inhibiting the growth of invasive plants, appearing in more arid areas.