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Adopt Biszka and Bueno VIRTUALLY.

10/08/2021 You have decided the name for Biszka’s baby.

Beloved, at the beginning thank you for the mass of suggestions for a name. We did not expect such a number of applications. And although the competition was fierce, there can be only one winner. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bueno. Bueno among others, means – good –  in Spanish, so everything is correct! Thank you!

6/8/21 Update

Beloved, You didn’t dissapoint once again – Biszka and her son are saved! Thank you! Ponies are slowly settling in on our farm. The foal, though still a bit scared, is curiously examining all angles under the watchful eye of his brave mother .

Biszka’s story

We met Biszka at a trader’s place. She was standing tied up in the corner of the barn on a heap of manure, with a tiny baby nestled close to her. Helpless and abandoned by everyone she trusted, with no chance for any help, she was the only support for her baby. Feeding him, with butcher’s rope on her head, with horror in her eyes, she waited for the inevitable. And even there, in the gates of hell, she cared for her son as best she could. She’s a good mother. Very good…

Why are Biszka and her son sentenced to death? The reason is always the same – they have become unnecessary, so someone decided it was time for them. In today’s world, this is enough to send a mother and her child to slaughter. People with lack of conscience will take every horse to the slaughterhouse, if it is only possible to earn money. Asymmetry of forces – man versus enslaved animal.