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If You want to adopt Bośnia, please complete the ADOPTION FORM

If You do not have space for Bośnia, become her VIRTUAL GUARDIAN

UPDATE  16.08.2021

Thank you for saving Bosnia! Bosnia would like to thank everyone for help! You are amazing, thanks to you we managed to collect the whole amount in 24 hours, pay for Bosnia’s life and transport to us. On behalf of Bosnia, we thank you warmly for your new life. Now the gray hair is waiting for a blacksmith and a vet and maybe, maybe .. looking for a new adoptive home.

Alarm for Bosnia!

Only 24 hours to collect PLN 11,300‼ ️

Beloved, gray-haired grandmother Bośnia from the photo traveled half of the world before she got to the place where we meet her. This is her last stop. There will be no more.

She did everything in her horse life. She gave birth to foals, although no one asked her if she wanted to. She worked in mass nurseries and humbly served the next students with her back. She patiently endured jerking, kicking, and being used as normal riding gear. Because most nurseries treat horses instrumentally until they are exhausted to the limit of their abilities.

Bosnia even tried to climb to some podium of some small sport, but she quickly fell from that podium and brought shame and loss to owners who were fed up with keeping an old horse.

But the gray-haired grandmother was too exhausted to give as much as other horses. So they sent Bośnia to wander around the world.

Lame, underweight and visually impaired in one eye. No, the vet hasn’t seen her here. No vet ventures into such places. The trader only said that when she was rude and fidgeted on her chain, he would strike her head with a stick from the left, and she doesn’t even bounce. “She is blind and deaf as a stump, you stupid mare,” He has not sent such a stupid horse to be slaughtered yet. And “this one time he does not feel sorry for her, because she deserves a blow to the head …”.

We do not comment. What to comment here. For a moment we are stroking Bosnia, which is standing petrified and staring at the wall with its eyes wide. Or she only just pretends …

Tomorrow is the weekend. The end of August’s warm summer days, is heralded by ever cooler evenings and nights.

Perhaps tomorrow afternoon you will be getting ready for a weekend, out of town getaway, one of the last ones this summer. Bosnia will also hit the road tomorrow. Maybe you will pass her somewhere on the highway, maybe you will see her truck darting along the winding roads between green trees. She will see these trees for the last time. I don’t want to ask you not to go, and save Bosnia instead. I want to ask you for PLN 5, a bar, coffee at a gas station or a magazine to read in the car.