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The chocolate-colored Brązowa looks for permanent sponsors. Basic monthly cost of maintaining Bronze amounts to PLN400 (USD103). She will be grateful for any constant help. Brązowa is currently missing PLN200 (USD51) a month for a full remote adoption. Just fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form, to support Brązowa.

14/4/2021 Update!

How can we describe the emotion and the enormity of gratitude if we lack words that can fully express it? Brązowa will not go down the gangplank of the butcher’s truck. You turned it around, You are amazing! You have a great power – You changed the fate of an old, gaunt little donkey, whose rights to live were taken away for someones own profit.

Brązowa story:

The trader pulls a terrified donkey out of the barn. Crooked hooves, deformed spine, head lice, and emaciation. Destroyed, resigned, and scared, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with people. Thrown out as a redundant thing, she waits for nothing. She had a home. But not anymore. She had a job. But now she is too old to work. She had the right to live. But that was also taken from her.  Brązowa is just an ordinary old donkey and old donkeys, basically all farm animals, have no right to their own life. Nobody cares about their opinion.  For years of service with man, for years of effort, obedience, and humiliation, no reward awaits them.