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The world is changing. Nowadays, when social awareness has increased, and the fate of animals is not indifferent to anyone,  it may seem that the fur industry is just a past. But the truth is that we won’t see the end of this cruel procedure for a long time. Despite the continuous prohibitions on breeding fur animals, this industry keeps constantly increasing its profits.

In the European Union, we can spot around 5 000 fur farms, located in the area of 22 countries. European Union is responsible for 63% of the world’s production of mink fur and 70 % of fox fur. They are mainly breeding minks and American foxes, but also raccoon dogs, rabbits, nutrias and chinchillas. This year it’s estimated to receive around 37 million minks’ skins from all over the world.

Bestial treatment of animals, it’s the norm on a daily basis on fur farms. They are living in small tight cages, in horrible sanitary conditions, which causes tremendous stress and  various diseases. Very common is self-mutilation and cannibalism. They are also victims of infectious diseases. They pay the highest price so that somebody else can wear fashionable fur.

In natural conditions, foxes live approximately 10 years and minks for around 6 years. On the fur farms, they are only allowed to live around 6 to 8 months. The animals are killed by electric shock or gassing. We are totally against this bestial treatment of innocent animals. 

Help us stop this inhumane fur industry and
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We will address the results to the EU Commision. 

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