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03/08/2021 Update

Celinka and the toddler are safe!
We thank You with all our hearts for saving Celinka and her foal. The mare and Cejlon, because that is how we have named the little one, are already on our farm. Celinka is faced with diagnostics and treatment of lameness – she has a long way to go to full recovery, but at the moment she and her child are not in any danger.
From now on, all support will be allocated to the maintenance of Celinka and Ceylon, as well as the necessary treatment. Thanks again!

Celinka’s story

Sometimes one photo on the phone screen can turn the whole world around in a fraction of a second. You stare, though you never wanted to see it. It cannot be unseen because You don’t have the strength to turn around and forget, because there are images that cannot be erased in any passing of time.

When a photo message came this morning, we were once again faced with a dramatic decision. Big, frightened eyes looked at us from the phone. In a few words, there was a dramatic plea for rescue and the address. Location was very near us. We’ve known this horse for years. We rarely went there. Once we saw someone watching but did not buy, back then we didn’t know why.

When we drove into the yard, the trader waved his hand for us to get out and walk with him. Instead of “good morning”, he informed us that if we made an advance payment, he would wait until Friday. And not a day longer. There are no talks, negotiations or bargaining here. It is very specific – the amount, date and permission for a few photos only. We can make up, we can turn around and walk away.

The whistle of the whip drives black Celinka out of the cell. Limping on three legs, she nervously calls her foal. After a while, the frightened toddler rushes out into the yard and tucks small nostrills into it’s mother’s neck. The merchant, without regard for anything, walks the lame mare around. When he stops, she stops helplessly, squints her eyes and inhales the sun-warmed air. The foal is trembling all over and does not leave her by one step. How many times has the whip landed on his little rump that he is so terrified of people …?

When you look at them, you wonder who is the man who, instead of healing, sentenced a mare with a two-month-old foal to slaughter. And who are the people who feed on the fear of slaughtered animals? And how did it happen that although we are in the XXI century, empathy still loses with the economy.

For 15 years of our activity, we have not been able to help the thousands of horses that we have seen. We ran out of resources, time and place for them. And although the herd of those under our care is huge thanks to You, the absence of the ones we couldn’t save still hurts.