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Update 09/23/2021

Caesar is now safe!

Caesar has already arrived at our farm, where a completely new, safe and peaceful life awaits him. Now he just has to go through the necessary quarantine, during which the veterinarian and the blacksmith will take care of his limping legs, and then.. who knows? If his health allows him to do so, perhaps a loving home will be found. Maybe he will also stay on our farm, among others, with whom he will make new, wonderful friendships?

We thank you with all our hearts for saving Caesar. It is thanks to you that he got a new, wonderful life!

Cezar’s story

Here is Cezar. Cezar is big and heavy. Cezar is expensive.

Cezar is standing in a musty cell that was a stable years ago. Recreational horses lived here, but the slaughter business turned out to be more profitable. Only decaying concrete partitions and rusty bars are left of the old boxes. The rotten doors have fallen apart, being replaced by pallets, tied with ropes. Here, there are no horses for saddle anymore, just those that have been sentenced to death.

Cezar was condemned to die by his owner, who gave Cezar away to pay the debts. Despite the reminders, he wasn’t paying back for months. In the end, in order to free himself from the importunate creditor, instead of money, he gave Cezar as the settlement. The merchant did not complain, he knew that he would cash in a large and heavy horse very quickly. And it didn’t matter that this one was limping, nobody cares about it in the slaughterhouse.

He came in his old truck. The gangplank crashed against the ground. Surprised, Cezar obediently followed his master into the car. After all, he knew him. He trusted him. And he probably also believed that nothing bad would ever happen to him at his hands.

Together, we saved over 1,200 horses and hundreds of other animals. Please help save Cezar too. He only has us, and we only have one chance to give him life.