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Grandma Chmurka is looking for constant sponsors. She applies for Virtual Adoption. This is nothing more than support in the maintenance of the animal chosen by you. The basic monthly cost of Chmurka’s maintenance is PLN 400 (USD 103) . She will be grateful for any constant help. She already found some donors, but she still needs PLN 150 (USD 39) for full virtual adoption. VIRTUAL ADOPTION form

16/04/2021 Update

Chmurka tells you that she is very grateful! Safe already with us, she immediately became friends with our stable boy Daniel. Thank You! After the quarantine is over, a vet inspection, a blacksmith’s visit, she will be able to join the other donkeys and ponies saved thanks to You.

Chmurka’s story

Chmurka’s life was like a fairy tale. Once she gave birth and worked with children until she ended up in a trader for certain death. From there, however, she was bought by Mr. Stefan, an elderly farmer, who was looking for a company after his wife died. A small stable and colorful, ornate wooden doors, and all around, there are white pots with flowers that sprouted red buds into the sky every spring. Grass, not just plain grass, hay, all for Chmurka. A tree in the middle of the lawn gave the donkey a shadow when the sun beat hardest. She was never for sale again, sometimes she only enjoyed the local kids who took her for a walk in the woods when the holidays came. Chmurka was missing nothing. She could easily live to old age. At least as long as there was her owner…
But that’s the way it is in life that people come and go. At the beginning of March her owner suddenly went to the hospital, he left the terrified Chmurka alone, she was fed by the neighbors and the zoo. And soon thereafter, the news came that Mr. Stefan would not come back from the hospital. Nobody wanted a donkey, who was already old.

The landlord’s son started the spring renovation and cleaning, the farms are to be sold at any moment. The white spots are gone, the buds of which do not turn red this spring. The painted doors are gone, and no one has planted any grass. A few days ago, the brave old Cloud entered the gangplank of the old beetle. There was no one to save her again. She went to a place she already knew, from where Mr. Stefan had saved her once. But this time he was missing…

There we met with Chmurka. She looked longingly at the camera lens, although we know that it was not us she was looking for. Because although no one knows about it, old donkeys are very attached to their hosts, who always sow grass for them in April and scratched their huge donkey ears. It’s just not fair that they suddenly walk away and leave their donkeys on their own.