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01/07/2021 Update:

Ciapka and her son are safe! But how it can be? – You will surely ask – little son? Well, the first inspection came out as a big surprise and the little female foal turned out to be a little male foal! And thanks to You, they are safe now! Mom and her son have already come to our farm. Ciapka is still guarding the little one, still distrustfully looking at the strange place and people, but we are convinced that it is only a matter of time until her heart becomes calm and enjoys the simplest pleasures – the company of other horses, warm rays of the sun, aromatic hay and caresses that no one will spare them. Ciapka and the tiny one are still in quarantine, where they are waiting for a blacksmith’s and a veterinarian’s visit, and the foal has in the meantime been given the name – Łatek. Each support for Ciapka and Łatek will be dedicated to their maintenance and, if necessary, treatment. Once again, with all our hearts – thank You!

Ciapka’s story

Dear Ciapka, we are so sorry for days with a heavy chain around Your neck. For living in your own feces. For years of service that you did not agree to. For hard work without reward. For constant hunger and thirst. For a sore back a vet have never seen. For neglected hooves that were never treated by a blacksmith. For all Your children taken from You by force.

Sorry that You have never been able to decide for yourself. For the fact that man always gave and man always took. For taking your right to live with just one decision. For that call, after which the slaughter truck will stop in front of you and your little daughter. We apologize for the hand that holds the whip as it slashes your rump. We are sorry You have to live through it all.
Dear Ciapka. We are sorry that after years of working for a human, you have a trader’s rope on your head and a few days of life. Sorry that You have to take your own child to the slaughter. You cannot do anything.