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Climate change is threatening freshwater fish

Climate change is a very fast process. Consequently, many species of plants and animals are not able to adapt to it. According to scientists in the journal “Nature Communications”, climate change is threatening the populations of freshwater fish around the world. If the average temperature rose by 3.2 degrees Celsius, it would endanger more than half of freshwater fish habitats and a third of species. This is the first such research. They analyze the potential impact of climate change on approx. 11 thousand of 500 species of freshwater fish. These fish represent a quarter of the biodiversity of vertebrates in the world.

Water dams are an additional threat to freshwater fish, mentioned by the researchers. It is because of them that fish cannot move freely and therefore cannot migrate to other habitats. This could lead to the extinction of the population.

Due to the progressive climate change, many terrestrial, marine, and freshwater species had to move to new places. If the global average temperature continues to rise uncontrollably, some species are at risk of extinction.